The Poetic “Ees” have it! Elemental, Emotional, Exciting, Experimenting, Entertaining, …

el·e·men·tal  (adjective)
1. fundamental; basic; primal: the elemental needs of man.
2. motivated by or symbolic of primitive and powerful natural forces or passions: elemental rites of worship.
3. of or relating to earth, air, water, and fire considered as elements
4. (Physical Geography) of or relating to atmospheric forces, esp wind, rain, and cold
5. (Elements & Compounds) of, relating to, or denoting a chemical element
“a thunderstorm is the inevitable outcome of battling elemental forces”

elemental forces” (of an emotion) having the primitive and inescapable character of a force of nature.

“the urge for revenge was too elemental to be ignored”

noun: elemental; plural noun: elementals
6. a spirit or force that is said to appear in physical form – a supernatural entity or force thought to be physically manifested by occult means

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This week in writing class we’ve tried our hand at elemental poems – using poetic devices to write about the weather, or other elements. We explored personification to bring subject matters to life and combined the two ideas.

Choose any subject, search for dramatic or inspirational images online or make up your own elemental subject matter. Any subject that takes your fancy will do! Try to write lines using a mix of metaphor, personification or simile.

The idea is to learn a new poetic device, or how to apply the device to enliven your words, extend the meaning, improve the emotion and engagement for the reader. (Even if the reader is yourself!)

Begin by brainstorming, using a thought cloud, outlining, mind mapping – word association, memory triggers…

Be playful with the language – enjoy creating and crafting an image or idea into a poem to be shared and enjoyed.

The Wind
Mairi Neil

A whispering lullaby
serenading soothing sotto voce
scattering seedlings with abandonment
An explosion of fresh mint
unwrapping a tempestuous embrace
storm warning trumpet blast ––
beware of changing climate!
An ogre howling in the dark
snatches trees, pelts rocks
reshapes the earth
as he huffs and puffs
to blow Man’s house down.

The Snow
Mairi Neil

Misty mother breaths
soundlessly wrap a cub
in comfortable crocheted shawl.
Lying ‘neath snowflake patterns
curled and asleep
dreams of spring and summer…
A safe white cocoon
soft stellar soundproofed
unaware of the deadly grenade
of melting icebergs…

The Train:
Mairi Neil

Silver snake slithers
through suburbia
pausing  engorging  disgorging
passengers trapped in conformity.
Surprising transformations
darting along the rails.
A glowing worm wriggling
through the darkness
Hooded eyes winking and blinking
Commuters carried
to destinations known and unknown
Pioneers and adventurers
or settled colonists

The Train:
From fire breathing dragon
to harmless python

Serpentine serendipity…

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